This feed is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only. The use of any information from this feed in the commission of a crime or to avoid detection by law enforcement is prohibited by law. Be responsible and do not interfere with public safety officials in the performance of their duties.

This feed is provided AS-IS in accordance with the Broadcastify Terms of Service. only routine dispatch, special event, and on scene fire and rescue operations will be broadcast. This Feed is provided for entertainment purposes only. Use of this feed, or any scanner feed, to facilitate the commission of a crime is a criminal offense. Under no circumstances should you utilize any information obtained from this feed, or any feed, to respond to a scene, interfere with emergency personnel, or otherwise take any action that may put yourself or others in danger.

This feed has an inherited audio delay, with intentions to help alleviate the aforementioned issues to further prohibit malicious intent of listening to this feed, or any feed provided.

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